Yves Burkhardt 
Chairman and OC-President

  • Secretary General of the Swiss Aero-Club AeCS since 2012
  • Former president of the Swiss Aeromodelling Federation from 1999 to 2011
  • Vice-President of the Swiss Aero-Club from 2005 to 2012
  • OC-President for the 10. Jet World Masters 2013 in Meiringen
  • Since 2011 Vicepresident of the Fédération Aéronautique International FAI
  • Since 2012 board member of the roof organization AEROSUISSE
  • Since 2012 board member of the Swiss Aircraft Maintenance Association SAM
  • Special Interests in sailplane flying and big warbirds
Adrian Eggenberger
Contest Director

  • Board-Member of the Swiss Aeromodelling Federation SMV and manager infrastructure department since 2001
  • Incoming president Swiss Aeromodelling Federation SMV from april 17 onwards
  • Board Member Swiss Aero Club for the aeromodelling federation
  • Organizer of different contests in aerobatics for sailplane and indoor aeromodelling
  • Project-Manager for developpment and introduction of FLARM/PowerFLARM devices for coordination of aeromodelling airfields and manned aircraft in the airspace
  • Honorary member and board Member of the Model Flying Group Stetten/AG
  • Co-Founder of the Swiss Acro Connection SAC for sailplanes
  • Special interest in sailplane flying and aerobatics

Bernard Grandjean
Finance and Administration

  • Board Member and CFO of the Swiss Aeromodelling Federation SMV from 2005 to 2015
  • CFO Finance and administration for the 10. Jet World Masters 2013 in Meiringen.
  • Auditor of the Swiss Model Flying Association SMV since 2015
  • President of the Model Flying Group MG Dietikon/ZH
  • Special Interests in helicopter flying

Edgar Bruhin
Sponsoring and VIP

  • Teammanager Swiss Jet Scale Team during a long period
  • Manager of the subressort safety of the Swiss Aeromodelling Federation SMV from 2002 bis 2012
  • Board Member Sponsoring for the 10. Jet World Masters 2013 in Meiringen
  • Special interest big turbine scale jets
  • Experienced air show pilot
  • Holder of the FAI "Paul Tissandier Diploma" for outstanding achievements and activities in aeromodelling

Max Schilt

  • President of the national F4 subcommittee in the Swiss Aeromodelling Federation SMV from 2006 till today
  • Member of the Swiss National Team F4C and F4H
  • Experienced pilot for many european and international contests
  • Board member and chief Infrastructure during the 10. Jet World Masters 2013 in Meiringen
  • Designer for homemade scale models
  • Former chief of the weapon workshop at the Meiringen AFB
  • Special interest: Gas engine developper for the former Patmax engines

Public Relations and Media


Peter Merz
Special Tasks

  • Former Cdr AFB Meiringen
  • Great supporter of the 10. Jet World Masters 2013 in Meiringen
  • Liason officer to the Swiss Air Force HQ
  • Special Interest: active Air Force pilot on F/A 18 Hornet in the Sqn 11

Bribitte Leuthold, Illiriana Brahimi
  • Managing Directrice and Point of contact (POC) for Haslital Tourist Organization at the OC
  • Responsable for all bookings and accomodation
  • Hotels and appartements
  • Camping grounds
  • Organizer for family and private excursions during the contest
  • POC for extension bookings before and after the World Champonship

Stephan Dummermuth
Day and Evening Manager
  • Organizer for day and evening events
  • Co-organizer for the opening and closing ceremony
  • Event Manager for the legendary Swiss Night in the alps
  • Event Manager for the closing Banquet and price giving ceremony

Thomas Dummermuth
Host City and Politics
  • Member of the Gouvernment of the city of Meiringen
  • Vice-President of the city of Meiringen
  • Board member and coordinator to the region of Unterbach
  • Representative of the city of Meiringen in the OC