Aero-Club of Switzerland AeCS

The Aero-Club of Switzerland AeCS is Switzerland's national aero club, based in Luzern. It claims an active membership of 23,000 pilots, amongst some 370 local groups in 8 federations (Ballooning, Aeromodelling, Sailplaining, Power-Flying, Parachuting, Experimental and homebuilt aircrafts, Microlight and Helicopter) and 40 regional organized Aero-Clubs.

The Aero-Club of Switzerland is founder member of the international, world-wide airsports organization for airsport Fédération Aéronautique Internationale FAI since 1905. The Swiss Aeroclub is the national sports authority holder on behalf of the FAI for all airsports matters and the airsports licensing for international and national championships.

The AeCS ist member of the national Olympic Committee Swiss Olympic.